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What is PRIVET?

Headquartered in Atlanta, Privet is a private and liberating social network that protects your identity so you can connect with others authentically. Use Privet to share your real life in real-time in your city and beyond

Privet, the Other Atlanta-Based Anonymity Mobile Player Chooses a Different Path Anonymity for Good


Operating a couple floors below the former home of Atlanta-based Yik Yak at Atlanta Tech Village, lives Privet, a bootstrapped startup that also believes theres a business in anonymity, but not in the form of “seximity,” “bullimity” or any of the other uses that have become commonplace with other anonymity applications. Privet believes people, be it at home, in local communities or the workplace, tied to causes like preventing domestic violence, addiction and mental health awareness, or other purpose-driven groups, are desperately seeking a safe venue for socially responsible anonymity. And you don’t have to ask its five founders – Chris Morocco, Titania Jordan, Dale McIntyre, Molly Walker and Anne Bobel – if there’s a place for their version of anonymity. Just download the Privet app and witness its hyper-active community of beta Privet diehards.

“We didn’t get to this place of anonymity without a great deal of soul searching,” explains Chris Morocco, CEO and co-founder of Privet. “And brands like Yik Yak, Whisper, Rumr and After School have taught us a great deal about social anonymity and the market desire for this feature. However, our mission, vision and technology are very different. The Privet culture is based on the belief that when responsible people are real, open and honest they can help each other beyond what anyone can imagine.”

Socially Responsible Anonymity

In order to safeguard the conversation and the community, Privet has invested its available resources to support technology that watches anonymously for patterns and uses conversational analysis to conduct preliminary and post-ratings of its content in order to let its users know what is acceptable and what isnt. In addition to sophisticated automation, it is a self-policing community so the users play a critical role in preserving the culture of the app.

“We use similar ratings to the movie industry because people already understand that metaphor. All posts go in as G-rated until an action on the system flags it as a possible issue. That action will most likely flag it as an R or X-rated post,” explains Dale McIntyre, CTO and co-founder of Privet. “R-rated is one where there is a warning in the feed over the post to let our community know that it wasnt bad enough to be removed, but is definitely walking the line or could be in poor taste. The X-rated posts are removed completely.”

The result is a refreshingly respectable culture where people feel safe enough to be real about the experiences in their lives. Floods of anecdotes surface daily affirming that anonymity for the good is having quite an impact on the real lives within the user community.


After a single channel launch on iOS and Android platforms, Privet expanded to eight channels to accommodate its growing user base – Parenting, Health, Relationships, Man Cave, Stylin’, Current, Funny and Life, etc. As part of its commitment to its user base, the Privet team actively fields community reports and updates its processes to make sure they protect the more genuine culture that its loyal anonymous following craves.

“Today, Privet is broadly subject matter focused and serves individuals, but in the future we intend to serve groups, be it in the workplace, associations or communities that are separated from the mainstream,” explains Titania Jordan, the company’s brand voice and co-founder. “We want people to know they’re not the only one. We see Privet as liberating for some, therapy for others, escape and entertainment for everyone and above all, one of the few authentic places where people support one another online today.”

Why Not Crash SXSW?

Like many upstarts in recent years, SXSW is a likely destination for company launches,newsjacking and stunts. Privet opted to stay away from the hype and begin producing its first of a series of videos from its founders that offer a fearless, unapologetic admission of why Privet exists today:

“While SXSW may be a necessary checkbox for startups like ours to make a “social” statement in the future, our community is less engaged with the pop culture of the Austin event,” explains Molly Walker, a co-founder. “We are keenly focused on addressing the absence of a practical, straight-forward destination where people can literally ask anything they want, tell their deepest, most personal secrets and apprehensions, ultimately with a genuine intent to help the community, individually and collectively. And maybe, just maybe that culture will infect us as a society beyond Privet, beyond social networks and into our homes, schools and workplaces.”

About Privet

Headquartered in Atlanta Tech Village, Privet is a private and liberating social network that protects your identity so you can connect with others authentically. Use Privet to share your real life in real-time in your city and beyond. Join one of our ever-growing channels.

We Just Clicked: A PRIVET Contest


You know that feeling when you meet someone and you are instant best friends?
You just click, right?


Heres how it works.

1. Click the gift icon in-app

2. Share PRIVET with the world! Or, you know, just some of your friends.

3. Get a point when ANYONE clicks on your link starting TODAY

The PRIVET user with the most points by Thursday, March 24th at 11:59 PM EST wins $300!
(Second place = $150, third place = $75)


Nope. This contest doesn’t compromise your identity. Its just tracking the randomly assigned links that you share out through the PRIVET Gift Box. (Nothing to do with your identity, username, posts or comments at all). Winners will not be publicly revealed. It’s just an awesome way to reward our fabulous users and spread PRIVET to more people who would dig it. You need to do it and it’s fun so get on it.

Rules and stuff:

The winners will be privately contacted via email on Friday, March 25th.
Youll need the recently released version (2.0.3) in order to see the gift icon and have the ability to share.

Three Reasons Why We Don’t Beware the Ides of March


Because Caesar wasn’t really that nice of a guy (In case it’s been a while since you’ve had a history class, the Ides of March is March 15th, when the Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar, was conspired against and murdered in 44 B.C.)

Maine became a state in 1820, and c’mon, who doesn’t love some Lobstah.

Because in 1972, Francis Ford’s Godfather opened in Theaters. Where would we be without “Don” Vito Corleone’s life wisdom? (We’re ignoring the whole “he was kind of a terrible guy” thing for the sake of this piece.)

New PRIVET Release 2.0.3

Whats new with PRIVET?

Well, first, we have a little gift for you.



Check the app now.

Also, hide a post is back:

and Jack the Penguin is sporting a new accessory.


Finally, viewing an entire post just got better because no more scrolling issues. Yay.

Enjoy and as always, let us know what youd like to see in the next release!

Got Swag?

Weve got so much love for you, PRIVET users, that we want to share it in the form of PRIVET swag.

Do you love PRIVET *thismuch* and want to get some PRIVET goodies in the mail?

And then check your mailbox.

(Dont worry, we wont pull one of these.)


Team PRIVET wakes up energized every day because we get to work out of the Atlanta Tech Village, which lives by the above mottobe nice and dream big.

We think it’s pretty fitting (and pretty cool), since it directly coincides with our major rollout.


We’ll be brief here because that wasn’t our favorite subject in school. We launched PRIVET not as a parenting app, but as a private anonymous social network targeted to parents. There is a major difference there. (We promise.)

We decided to target parents first, unlike many major lifestyle brands who target tweens, teens, and college students, because we wanted to create a culture of support. Parents have a unique perspective on lifeone that inspires them to create a better world for their children.

We saw where other anonymous apps were going be it out of business or full of lewd content and bullies and only wanted to launch PRIVET if we could do it right.

It all boiled down to parents, and they may not be the coolest demo since sliced bread, but we have a special place in our hearts for them.

That said, PRIVET is so much more than a parenting app.

PRIVET is a place of liberation for multiple demographics. A place to come share your heart and know you’re not alone. A place to have fun and seek advice. You can use PRIVET for all areas of your life, and in all stages of your life.


With PRIVET 2.0, we built the the community you asked for, plus a few extra surprises.

First, you crave organization. Us too! So much. That’s why we’re stoked to introduce you to our new CHANNELS.

We had over 50 channel ideas but painstakingly boiled them down to 8. I mean, a man cave? Come on. Game over.

Second, having to switch between a local and global feed was tedious. We were making the user, you, do work! That just shouldn’t be. PRIVET 2.0 now has a single smart feed so that you see local and global posts (now called “everywhere”) combined in the same feed. No more toggling back and forth. You’ll see Atlanta posts when you’re in Atlanta, and NYC posts when you’re in NYC, and global posts everywhere. all the time. Sweet

Third, we can’t scale and preserve our AWESOME culture without some form of automated community protection. (You know that the word “privet” means a hedge of protection, right?) We can’t think of a better icon to symbolize that protection than a penguin. No, really. For reals. Read more about the jackass penguin who lives in a bush here. See? It just makes sense. Kismet if you will.

We are building a new kind of social that connects people in real time on a true human level. And we need you to help protect it (with the help of Jack, the penguin, of course).


There is a huge void in the social media world. We as a society are more connected than ever, yet more disconnected and discontent than ever. We all need a place to go to be real, open, and honest. Facebook is everyone’s highlight reel. PRIVET is everyone’s real reel. Come as you are. PRIVET fills that void. We will embrace you with open arms and masked faces. Do the right thing. Tell someone about PRIVET today. You can be an instrumental part in shifting society back to a place where technology truly connects us again.

How and Why We Protect Your Anonymity

Hi everyone, this is Titania Jordan, co-founder of PRIVET.

This week we had a user post that he/she wants more people on here. We do too. We have thousands of users, but think of how cool it would be to have hundreds of thousands and eventually millions. That led to a discussion about privacy and security, so I wanted to highlight that aspect of our mission because it is the most critical.

Why did we call this app PRIVET?

Because privet, by definition, is a flowering plant used extensively for privacy hedging.

We want to be your hedge of protection.

Protection against judgement, self-doubt, inadequacy, fear, and whatever else life may throw your way.

Protection of your identity, as we have all these social media outlets that know way too much about us and really don’t want everybody all up in our business. Caribbean vacations and first day of school pictures? Perfect for Facebook. Struggles with bouts of depression and anxiety? Notsomuch.

Protection from all the negativity and bullying that you find in other anonymous apps geared towards tweens and teens.

You can have ANONYMOUS FOR GOOD. That’s our platform.

That is why preservation of your anonymity is our top priority. Always.

It’s so important I want to repeat it.

The preservation of your anonymity is our TOP PRIORITY. Always.

The co-founders have bared their hearts and souls in here, and if that anonymity is compromised, we are in the same boat as you. Our exposed posts would make us just as vulnerable as you. In fact, when we first launched, it was us and our beta users asking, telling, and venting about our real lives. We didn’t want each other to know who was who (because, coworkers…and…awkward), so we put controls in place so even we as founders could not see who posted what. It’s that important.

So, if you are still reading this (nice):

-I co-founded PRIVET because I needed a place to go to be really real.

-We can’t have anonymity for good unless we protect your (and our) identity.

-The more people you tell about PRIVET, the better.

Are you feeling what we’re feeling? Then spread the PRIVET creed:

When people are real, open, and honest, they can help each other beyond what any of us can imagine.

Lets Party

That moment when you make New Year’s Eve plans and think this is going to be so super awesome.

That moment when you’re leaving work and someone says “see you next year” and you’re all like…heh.

That moment when you regret making NYE plans and realize you have absolutely nothing decent to wear nor any desire to leave your house whatsoever.

That moment when you are watching throngs of people swarm the streets of major cities on television and you have never been so happy to be warm, dry, and on your sofa in your whole entire life.

That moment when you really want to stay up until midnight but your bed and 10:00 PM look soooooooo good.

That moment when you realize that letting your kids stay up to watch the ball drop was the worst idea of 2015.

That moment when you wish you could drink more champagne but realize you have responsibilities and stuff.

That moment when you realize it is now 2016. Like, that 2016. Not 2006, 0r 1996, but 2–0–1–6.

That moment when you’re really glad you have PRIVET because you know you’re not alone.

That moment where we don’t really know how to close our New Year’s blog post but we just wanted to say hey thanks for sticking around and reading this whole thing. We think you’re pretty cool too.