We’ll be brief here because that wasn’t our favorite subject in school. We launched PRIVET not as a parenting app, but as a private anonymous social network targeted to parents. There is a major difference there. (We promise.)

We decided to target parents first, unlike many major lifestyle brands who target tweens, teens, and college students, because we wanted to create a culture of support. Parents have a unique perspective on lifeone that inspires them to create a better world for their children.

We saw where other anonymous apps were going be it out of business or full of lewd content and bullies and only wanted to launch PRIVET if we could do it right.

It all boiled down to parents, and they may not be the coolest demo since sliced bread, but we have a special place in our hearts for them.

That said, PRIVET is so much more than a parenting app.

PRIVET is a place of liberation for multiple demographics. A place to come share your heart and know you’re not alone. A place to have fun and seek advice. You can use PRIVET for all areas of your life, and in all stages of your life.