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That moment when you make New Year’s Eve plans and think this is going to be so super awesome.

That moment when you’re leaving work and someone says “see you next year” and you’re all like…heh.

That moment when you regret making NYE plans and realize you have absolutely nothing decent to wear nor any desire to leave your house whatsoever.


That moment when you are watching throngs of people swarm the streets of major cities on television and you have never been so happy to be warm, dry, and on your sofa in your whole entire life.


That moment when you really want to stay up until midnight but your bed and 10:00 PM look soooooooo good.


That moment when you realize that letting your kids stay up to watch the ball drop was the worst idea of 2015.


That moment when you wish you could drink more champagne but realize you have responsibilities and stuff.


That moment when you realize it is now 2016. Like, that 2016. Not 2006, 0r 1996, but 2–0–1–6.

That moment when you’re really glad you have PRIVET because you know you’re not alone.


That moment where we don’t really know how to close our New Year’s blog post but we just wanted to say hey thanks for sticking around and reading this whole thing. We think you’re pretty cool too.

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